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…For that is the true sacrifice of the Dovahkiin; to restore balance at all costs, including peril of soul.

What now for me, Dragonborn, lost on this mortal plain? 


My favourite Skyrim screenshots. Looks great even on a medium range PC

All video games do not matter. Call Of Duty, BioShock, Destiny, Halo, etc. (Yes, I said Halo)

Except Skyrim. That game has to have a loyal gamer. That puts so much commitment into it that they will miss anything in the world to play this game.

Or….is it just me?


New lipstick - lady selling it told me it looked moody.

Anonymous said: idk if coming here is the right place to tell you this; I just need to get this off my chest, but i feel extemely guilty when i watch porn. ive heard so many testimonies from former pornstars and i feel really saddened by what has happened to them


It just means you’re watching the wrong porn, if you’re worrying about the pornstars your watching then just watch modern porn with performers you can learn about and watch. Follow their twitter and see their personalities and understand that they work in the porn industry because they want to. Check out Four Chambers, Lust Cinema, Crash Pad Series, X-Art or Ninja Approved to see friendly and feminist based porn with some social media active performers. Maybe watching couples or singles on cam sites would work for you too, this way you can actually interact directly with the performer. 


Tumblr on November 1st


I can’t believe drawing a black line across my eyelids makes me feel 10x prettier.


Valentino Shanghai Red Collection


Valentino Shanghai Red Collection